Self Reliance Endower for Education Research and Charitable Trust

S REE TRUST is a professionally managed, not-for-profit organization, a social-service oriented for the educational and social development of rural girls and boys of the backward border area. The trust was formed in the year 2004 in Bengaluru vide a Government order no. 375/2004-05, Dated: 24.12.2004. to develop capacities and strengthen the human resources to be more productive.

SREE TRUST has a proven track record of delivering educational and skill training programs in Border districts of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka States.

SREE TRUST works for needy children, orphans, women and other deprived people by associating with various nonprofit organizations in South India since ten years.

SREE TRUST’s aim is to transform India’s rural knowledge system and to solve academic and skill sector issues so that every needy student/youth regardless of their location and socio-economic background will receive timely guidance to become self-reliant.

Our Objectives

Achieve Universal Education

Transform our Indian knowledge system & academic issues so that every needy persons receives an excellent knowledge.

Community Development

A community of learning in which teachers and students acquire knowledge and learn to apply it professionally.

Skills Development

To help in building national capabilities in life skills, humanities, management education.

Technological Services

To provide knowledge based technological services to satisfy the needs of society and the industry.

Social Service

To give an impetus to elevate and alleviate socially, economically and educationally the backward families.